Monday, June 8, 2009

Time to reflect...

Happy Monday everyone! I don't know about you all (I really wish I could say y'all here b/c it fits so appropriately....but I don't want people accusing me of being from Boston and asking why I use words such as y'all. OK I digress) but I am exhausted from the weekend! The wedding was fabulous and couldn't have been more fun!!! But back to posting...

I find that I every time I move I seem to collect more mirrors. Mirrors are great for everything from giving the allusion of more space to a room or just adding a decorative accent to any space! A neat trick that we've all seen in various mags is finding antique or just plain different frames and then adding a glassed mirror to it. How do you all think mirrors fit best in a home? Any tricks you want to share...let us know! :-) Here are a few images that I liked when surfing the www.....

Last minute add...I just found this image on pink wallpaper - perfect for today's post and love this look!!!
I am in love with the mirror top row Left. I just don't know where I would use it!? I have been contemplating using a mirror like the one bottom row Right and top row Middle for my entryway when you walk in the it too intrusive?

This image is from a renovation story on Southern Living. They didn't want to disrupt the window in the they added a vanity with surrounding mirrors. So cool and gives the feeling of yet another window and so much space - love it!

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