Friday, March 13, 2009

Perusing blogs...

So as I have been perusing through other people's blogs (yes, I know but it's Friday...gimme a break ;0), I found such a great posting that I wanted to share. I absolutely love vintage pieces in the kitchen and this posting from pink wallpaper showcases the use of vintage bread, flour, sugar etc...boxes. Just LOVE them! I can't wait to have a large and in-charge kitchen one day....
Love the different chairs around this antiqued wood kitchen table.

I wonder if there are accent lights in those open cabinets...if so I am sure it looks amazing.

So pretty. Again, all these looks are just so fresh, clean and simple. When I look at all the cut- outs I have kept of home magazines over the years...I come to find out that those adjectives are really what defines my decorating tastes. And pretty soon I am going to be able to decorate my first real "adult" exciting! Moving in May and just can't wait for the decorating to begin...yes,I am 27 and have lived with a number of girls until now....growing up and moving in with a boy ;-)


  1. I see so many things out there that I love...everything from vintage shabby chic knick knacks to wallpaper with big and bright graphic patterns. Only solution is to have multiple homes so each one can have a different style! And congrats on your move in with the boy :)

  2. Check out osborne & little ( I bet you'll love their fabrics/wallpaper!

  3. I'm sure the condo will be a "showcase". You have such great taste!!


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