Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The power of scent...

Good morning on this dreary Wednesday in NYC. I was thinking on my walk to the office about how certain scents remind you of certain people and feelings. For instance, I love the smell of old basements because it reminds me of going down and getting my height measured at my grandparents house in the Cape. I love the smell of rain on a Spring morning because it simply reminds me of my childhood and listening to the rain drops with my Mother. And for some odd reason I really like the smell of gasoline - who really knows!? One of my favorite designers, Charlotte Moss, sells a candle line "Left Bank". The smell is heavenly and when you walk in a room with this candle lit, it immediately makes you feel a sense of comfort.

Not to mention, I love the floral wallpaper pattern in the background!


  1. Beautiful sentiments!
    Does this candle shop have a store in the Boston area?
    Congrats, to you and Steve - on the condo. Love MOM

  2. No but she has an on-line store that you can purchase from. (link above the picture)


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