Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amazing kitchen...

I stopped by Lauren's blog, Pure Style Home, and stumbled upon this amazing kitchen story! Guest blogger, Brooke Giannetti from Velvet & Linens, told her story of a fabulous kitchen re-do. I love this kitchen "after" AND "before"! Something about the space is sooo inviting and almost whimsical (if it's even possible for a kitchen to be whimsical)! Enjoy :)

So pretty!

Love the rustic sign above the window and the bread box
She infused an industrial look into this "oh so" traditional kitchen by adding these chairs and painting the lights silver, very cool.

Read the full story here
Our kitchen is the last thing in the condo that we will be touching. Probably not until after the wedding. I will show some pictures in the coming weeks....but I am in so much envy of these images. A girl can dream can't she!?

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