Monday, March 1, 2010

Beach bum...

Yes, I know we had a blizzard last week....and maybe it's the 40 degree weather, the sun staying out just a little bit longer or the fact that Steve and I ran outside this weekend without freezing our buns off..... but whatever it is - I feel the winds of change slowly but surely creeping into the NE corridor!

These one-piece swimsuits from JCREW remind me of a retro-20's esque style. I can just imagine sitting beachside with a book and a fabulously floppy hat sporting these trunks!

Love these nautical stripes!

I think this one is so sweet with the floral pattern

Have a great week!!


  1. love those bathsuits...terrified to go to jcrew and try them on:)

  2. I always buy their suits during off season. I think the last one I bought was only $19.


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