Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cocktail Anyone?

What perfect timing. I am headed to Vegas tomorrow for the first of MANY bachelorette parties of the season! I am going with a fantastic group of gals and I am pretty positive we'll find ourselves some trouble and come back with some pretty funny stories.

So enjoy your weekend ladies and gents...I know I sure will! But before you sign off for the weekend, check out Everything LEB - an amazing blog (and also fellow Bostonian). I have been reading her blog now for a few months and I ALWAYS find inspiration when stopping over at LEB - I just LOVE it! If I haven't convinced you already, maybe the fact that she has a fabulous give-away will! Everything LEB is giving away some pretty rockin' bar accessories to make hosting a cocktail party "oh so stylish"! Check it out here!


1 comment:

  1. i will take any of those fun bars (or all of is almost friday:)

    have fun in vegas!


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