Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One room at a time...

While condo renovations are done, we are still slowly but surely going through each room and decorating! I know...I know....this is a slow process (and should be) so that you can find special pieces and truly fall in love with the rooms you create. With that said, I am getting so antsy! I hate walking into the bedroom and living room and it looking so blah... I mean, don't get me wrong - we have done A LOT. But now we have come to a road bump (need to concentrate funds on the wedding) and I am dying to just get it all done! One thing that I really want to do with one wall in our living room is create bookshelves. We want to try and do this ourselves (aka Steve the handyman)....has anyone made bookshelves before across a whole wall?? If so, how did it come out?

images courtesy of trad home

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