Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby boop...

Apologize for the lack of posts but I have been hanging with the fam in Boston over the weekend and had no time for creative thinking and/or working on my blog. But alas, I am now back to the business! While I was home, I paid a visit to Pottery Barn Kids to do some shopping for a new baby cousin and I was blown away by all the breath-takingly beautiful, cool, amazing (I could keep going)....baby furniture and paraphanalia that exists these days. This inspired me to do some searching for unique and incredible baby nurseries....enter these images I found on FLIKR ....love them!! Go figure it was for a Domino Magazine Nursery Design Contest...too cool! So for all my baby mamas out there....snag some ideas... and for the rest of us, just take note for the future (and I mean far in the future...have no fear people, it didn't inspire me THAT much)! :-) Note: After I wrote this I realized that I couldn't upload the pics to my blog...strange, but check it out here! I especially ADORE the room with the green crib, the zebra rocking chair and the built-in window seat. Also love the idea of painting the ceiling for a nursery...LOVE IT!

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