Thursday, April 23, 2009

Open Door Policy....

The door is the gateway to your home and the home is where the heart your door better be picture perfect then! :-) Moving day is quickly approaching and while the contractor is busily renovating the condo in time for move-in day, Steve and I have been tasked with taking a trip to Home Depot to choose a front door. Who would have thought there is so much to think about when picking out a door!? Do we want a solid face or maybe a half-moon window look at the top? And most importantly...what color?? Steve and I are leaning towards painting the door a bold color...hmmmmm, oh the choices! Take a gander at some cools doors that most certainly stand out to passerbyers as they take a stroll....And we'll keep you posted with our decisions!
(and don't from tabeltop will be coming)

We are leaning towards a red door...

Two images above courtesy of Elements of Style


  1. Mmmmm....feelin' some serious love for that persimmon one!

  2. So....what style/color door did you and Steve go with??


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