Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday & Happy Spring

Spring is finally in the air and I actually walked to worked today! It took just about an hour but it was well worth the time to be able to properly take in the first "real" warm day in awhile! There was lot's of people watching to be had on my walk...the most fun was defintely checking out all the different outfits people were sportin in the streets of NYC. And might I add - I snagged a few ideas for my spring wardrobe! I was inpsired by one women I saw around Union Square....she was definitely bringing back the oh so chic 70's look and I loved it! Bring it on Spring...I am going shopping! :-) Here is my idea of a "Casual Friday Spring Fling - not yet 75...but not dreary 40's anymore" rockin' outfit.....

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