Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some Designer Lovin... Kat Burki

Connecticut based designer, Kat Burki, epitomizes grace and I thought what better designer products to showcase on graceful elegance! While her collection is quite out of my price range (although the accessories are reasonable), they are still fun to look at and garner ideas. For that piece of look-alike furniture you found at a flea market that needs refurbishing or that old couch sitting in your parents basements...just b/c we may not have the wallet doesn't mean we don't have the potential to create something just as beautiful!

I absolutley adore these gold leaf napkin rings (and affordable)!


  1. I love grey - mostly silver-pewter grey (like a low flying cloud). So I say go for it!!!
    Also, kudo's to Carolyn - loved it all.

  2. I think I could WEAR those napkin rings, and that first chair - swoon!


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