Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Color Wheel: Grey

In the midst of these grey days, sky looming so closely over the tall buildings of NYC and April showers, I had a thought...GREY! So I am really just thinking out loud here - but I am contemplating painting the new bedroom a solid grey against the white moldings. Contrary to my very instincts of light and airy blues/yellows for bedrooms... alas I just may do it. Take a look at a compilation of grey rooms.... something to ponder...


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my stairs post. I love finding new blogs. Enjoying catching up on yours. I love the color grey. I see that you like yellow. You could always do a combo of yellow/grey. One of my favorite mixes.

    Or go with that wonderful grey/beige putty type color. I have something similar in my bedroom and it's ashley grey from BM.

  2. Enjoying your blog. Keep up the interesting work.


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